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About Advanced Mold Services

Advanced Mold Services was started by David Forner to fill a growing need in the environmental field.

While working for American Bio Systems from 2000 until the end of 2003, David gained his initial knowledge of the environmental impact of mold. American Bio Systems was an innovative micro biological remediation company. During this period, David got trained and eventually headed up the mold division within the company.

While working for American Bio Systems, mold became a big problem partly because homes were becoming more energy efficient. Energy efficient homes save consumers on heating and cooling costs, but can lead to mold problems because air flow is limited and moisture can get trapped because of the vapor barrier.

Another reason business increased so much is because home inspectors encountered more mold and began referring customers to David and his team at American Bio Systems.

Increased calls enabled David to become an expert at performing mold inspections, taking proper surface and air samples for mold, estimating, and providing scopes of work (work plans) to customers. David also became an expert at mold, learning why it grows, where it is found, and how to safely remove it.

After American Bio Systems closed its doors in January of 2004, David founded Advanced Mold Services.

Working together with his PM, Frank Cetlinksi, the Advanced Mold Services team has removed mold from 100s of homes and businesses.

Advanced Mold Services are Certified by the National Association of Mold Professionals. We are experts at detecting and removing mold and pride themselves on doing the job right the first time!

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