Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

  1. How Long Does An Estimate Take? Typically an hour.
  2. When Can You Get Here After I Call You? Usually within 24 hours. We want to remove your mold problem as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of your health and home.
  3. How long does mold remediation take? The average project takes 3 days.
  4. How Much Do You Charge? It depends on your situation. Our average project is $1,500 to $3,000. Note: prices may vary based on the size and scope of the work required.
  5. Will Insurance Cover My Mold? Most insurance company claims mold is the result of a homeowner maintenance problem – which they don’t cover. You may stand a chance if the mold was caused by a covered peril such as a burst pipe or sump pump failure but there is a very special way you have to approach it with them. We are experts in determining whether or not your insurance will cover and will make every effort to give you a straight forward answer based on our expertise.
  6. When Can You Start? Usually within 5 to 10 days.
  7. Will I Lose Access To Parts Of My Home While You Remediate? Depends on where the mold is. We have to contain the mold so we have seal off the area around it. We do, however, work around your furniture and living space as best as possible.
  8. Can’t I Just Spray Bleach On The Mold And Fix The Problem Over A Weekend? Bleaching mold is like bleaching your hair – it’s still there, it’s just a different color now. Killing mold is not the goal. A dead mold spore will give you an allergic reaction just as bad as a living spore. A dead mold spore is coated with just as many mycotoxins as a living spore. Mold is not like germs where you can spray it with something and not worry about it anymore. You need a professional mold remediator to seal off the mold, filter the mold spores out of the air, remove the mold and thoroughly clean every square inch with special techniques.
  9. Can I take The Mold Out Myself And Have You Treat It Later? We do not recommend this. If you don’t remove mold right, then you’re going to expose yourself and your home to a lot of mold which could actually make the situation worse and more costly.
  10. I Read Online That I Can Remove Less Than 10 Square Feet Of Mold Myself. Is That True? Obsolete protocols made in the 90’s said that was ok but research in the last 10 years has proven removing any amount of mold yourself a bad idea because no one knows how much mold is hidden. That’s why professionals setup containment and negative air pressure because this enables us to contain and control the situation if more mold is found. Consider this fact: 250,000 mold spores fit on the head of a pin. How many spores do you think are in 1 square foot of mold?
  11. Can My Handyman Remove Mold? Only if they have specialized mold training. Only a qualified mold remediator should remove mold from your home. Poorly done mold remediation can make the situation worse.
  12. I Am Almost Certain My Home Has A Mold Problem. Am I In Danger? Do I Need To Leave My Home? Rarely. The first thing to do is remain calm. Don’t panic. Don’t just go with the cheapest or first company you call either. Get references, written estimates, and make sure you do your due diligence before committing to any company. Call us for an honest assessment and keep in mind, we encourage you to compare our estimate with other companies in the area.