Advanced Mold Services Guarantee

Advanced Mold Services, LLC is pleased to extend this guarantee for a period of twelve months form the date of the clearance report.

This guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

  1. All mold forms of life shall be eliminated or reduced to a level that is equal to or less than the prevalent outdoor environment and/or reduced from pre-testing numbers.
  2. All individuals involved in consultation prior to the investigation and/or completion of all work of mold in inside and outside environment have been professionally trained in the detection, recognition, testing and remediation of all mold forms present in structures.
  3. The guarantee will remain in effect upon completion of said work for a period of twelve months under the provision that the conditions, e.g. water damage, flooding, excess humidity/condensation and/or improper storage of liquid solutions does not occur and that the conditions that existed prior to the remediation effort has been corrected. Any additional water damage, either from a new source or a repetition of the prior condition will render this guarantee null and void and all has been paid in full.
  4. The aforementioned conditions being accepted, the client shall further understand that mold is present in every indoor and outdoor environment and the number and species of mold will change as conditions change. The key to controlling mold growth is controlling moisture and that all steps will be taken to ensure that moisture is kept under control.

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