Top 10 Reasons To Choose Advanced Mold

Top 10 Reasons To Call Advanced Mold Removal!

  1. Over 20 years of experience.
  2. Professionally trained owner and staff.
  3. We are mold inspection and mold removal specialists, meaning we adhere to strict guidelines that have been established for our industry.
  4. Proven track record, 100s of jobs completed successfully.
  5. Approved specialty mold inspection and removal contractor for Fannie Mae and several insurance companies.
  6. Written Guarantee because we stand behind our work.
  7. Flexible: We do our best to accommodate your schedule.
  8. Cost Effective: We utilize the latest technology and chemistry to reduce time needed to complete your project, saving you money!
  9. Identify Root Cause: We can identify the root cause and recommend the proper corrective action as well as a reliable contractor who specializes in that specific type of work!
  10. Honesty and Reliable: We will evaluate your mold issue and give an honest answer as to whether or not you really do have an issue, even if it means not getting any work.